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This is the official website of the FoundNation podcast.

FoundNation was created to showcase the incredible people and organisations who are working hard, positively impacting South Africa.

This podcast series will tell good South African stories. The kind of stories we need to hear more of, but absolutely don’t hear enough of. The kind of stories that aren’t always that easy to find.

I was inspired to start FoundNation because I was in the fortunate position where I got to spend time with many different NPOs and NGOs around the country. It was through my involvement with one company’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) work that my eyes were opened to so much good being done.

Pretty soon I started looking for those stories all around me. I started asking around, finding out about fantastic organisations run by ordinary people like myself. People who didn’t necessarily study social work to have a heart for others. Being affected by others’ suffering seemed to be the only qualification that many of my fellow South Africans needed to propel them into action.

Each season will feature some lesser-known inspirational South Africans who are making a difference in our country on a daily basis. You can expect to hear more about their challenges, but also about their triumphs as you take the time to listen to these good South African stories.

May their stories challenge you, inspire you and move you.

Learn more about our episodes or go ahead and contact me →

Simoné Scott
Simoné Scott

As someone who loves to hear good stories told by passionate people Simoné Scott established FoundNation in 2020. A storyteller herself (from around the time she could talk) she’s pursued a career in writing. She branched out into podcasting to allow some of the powerful people she’s met over the years to speak for themselves.

This podcast is not currently funded, not does it generate any earnings.